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Data stored in your computer whether personal or professional holds some importance and you will not want to see them damaged or lost. Therefore, it is recommended to take the backup of your significant data using inbuilt MS backup utility called NTBackup. Although this utility is helpful in taking backups but you cannot go completely carefree with your backup. This is because even the MS backup (BKF) files can get corrupted, damaged or become inaccessible. Some of the main reasons that can lead to corruption in BKF files are :

  • Sudden system shutdown
  • Virus or Trojan attack
  • Media malfunction
  • Backup interruptions
  • Media malfunction
  • CRC (cyclic redundancy check) errors


As the importance of data on one’s computer can never be estimated, it becomes important to have some concrete solution that guarantees a backup for the data. When you are aware of the factors that can lead to data loss, you can certainly get solutions to deal with such situation. In case the backup file gets corrupted, using an MS Backup Recovery tool is the best solution. By using the updated latest version of this tool, you can drag & drop files simply for BKF recovery. Multiple BKF files can also be recovered with the updated version.

Exchange Backup Repair tool helps in recovery of files from corrupt MS backup archives. This is a comprehensive repair tool that is designed by keeping in mind all the circumstances that may lead to corruption of MS backup. The file can effectively repair corrupt BKF files created using ntbackup.exe. The Backup Repair tool is equipped with quick algorithm that help in quick scan of the damaged/corrupt BKF files assuring recovery of maximum possible archived files stored in the backup file.Now the latest updated version of the tool is equipped with two powerful recovery modes as follows:

Quick mode: This mode is utilized for quick and selective BKF recovery. This recovery mode enables you for recovering data from files with minor corruptions though swiftly. In case of failing of this mode, scan with the other given mode.
Advanced Mode: As its name suggest, this mode is more advanced and embedded with recursive scan features in order to ensure recovery from any kind of BKF file error. It restores data from severely damaged and old BKF archives. However, it is slower in progress, but it is extremely efficient in BKF recovery.

After scanning the corrupt BKF file and completion of recovery process, the Backup data recovery software lists the recovered items in hierarchal way, from where the user can check the accuracy of data before saving it.With the updated version of this utility, you can save recovered BKF files in a hard disk, external drive or even in remote location.

MS Backup Recovery tool supports all files created with Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2K / XP / 2003 / 7/ 8 / backup utilities. It also supports BKF files created with Backup Exec by VERITAS Software, under Windows, Novell, and Macintosh.

Free evaluation version

User can evaluate the performance and working of the Exchange Backup Recovery software before purchasing it by downloading its free trial version. The trial version works similar to the complete version. It displays the recovered files and folders only for preview but does not let the user save them. The recovered data can be saved only after purchasing the complete version of the software.

Money Refund Guarantee
Key Features
  • Repairs corrupt or damaged BKF archives
  • Supports Unicode characters
  • includes option to “Save Snapshot” in case the scan process was stopped in the middle. The user can then use “Load Snapshot” option to resume the scan process from the point where it was stopped
  • Includes quick search option
  • Repairs Exchange BKF files completely
  • Restores EDB, STM and log files after recovery along with user mailboxes
  • Repairs Exchange BKF created using NTBackup.exe
  • Fix CRC errors
  • Easy-to-understand, user friendly interface.
  • Repairs .bkf file created with Backup Exec by VERITAS Software under Windows, Novell and Macintosh.
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Supported Versions

Supports all versions of BKF files created using MS Backup or VERITAS backup recovery software.

Operating System supported by Backup Recovery software are: Windows NT,Windows 8 , Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (All Versions), Windows 2000 (All Versions), Windows 2003 (All Versions).